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Isabella "Bella" Oleschuk Found safe

Orange, Conn. (WTNH) - 13-year-old Isabella Oleschuk was found safe this morning in an abandoned farm stand after she ran away from home on Sunday. "I'm happy to announce we've changed the subject of this press conference. Isabella has been found," Orange Police Chief Robert Gagne said. It was the news so many people were desperately waiting to hear. First among them, Isabella Oleschuk's parents. Shortly after police announced the 13-year-old girl had been found, her father Roman made a statement saying that his daughter was raised in a loving and supportive family, and thanked all those who spent countless hours searching for her. "While at my home, helping investigators find leads, all I had to do was look outside my window and look at the hundreds of people searching the wooded areas, my own back yard, aircraft up above, knowing that you took time away from your family to help ours," Roman Oleschuk said. It was a woman driving by an abandoned farm st

Isabella "Bella" Oleschuk

Bella went missing from Orange,New Haven county,CT Late Saturday/early Sunday March 19-20. There are only two leads. This 12 year old was badly bullied because she was deaf in one ear and may have run. This is unlikely since she did not take clothes or her hearing aid with her when she vanished. The other lead was that a young girl and boy were walking by a school Sunday morning between 6+8AM. Police want to speak with them. It is theorized that she could have been the girl. Here is a quote from an article regarding the investigation.   The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) team arrived in town late yesterday afternoon to offer its expertise to the search. Another specialized organization, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, is also lending a hand. The center’s Team Adam, a network of retired law enforcement personnel who each bring highly specialized training and knowledge, have been deployed to Orange. “We’re doing every

Elizabeth "Beth" Gill

missing poster 2nd age progression 1st age progression Beth age 3 Beth age 3 Beth age 3 I am proud to be in contact will Beth's sister Martha. She has given me her blessing for this post and sent pictures for it as well. Beth was just 2 years old on June 13 1965 when she vanished from her own Cape Girardeau,MO yard. She would have celebrated her 3rd birthday on August 21. Her father passed in 1970 never knowing what happened to his baby girl. Two of her siblings also passed without answers. Now her remaining siblings and mother are searching for her. They have a right to know what happened to their baby sister. Was she taken and raised by someone never knowing she was taken? Was she killed? Did she wander away and have an accident? All are possibilities. Police have classified her disappearance as a non-family abduction. I believe this is the most likely scenario. I also believe she could very well be alive today. I want nothing more than to help her siblings

Angel Everado Montoya and Christian Santos MontoyaFound safe sitter in custody

RUSSELLVILLE, Al.- Angel Everado Montoya and his brother, Christian Santos Montoya have been found in Indianapolis. Teresa Lynn McGee aka: Teresa Easterday, their babysitter, has been taken into custody.   The children and McGee were found at an apartment complex on Rosewood Commons Drive.    McGee has been taken into custody.  Russellville Police have had warrants out for her arrest.     We will bring you more details as they become available. Ty WAAY tv.

Angel Everado Montoya and Christian Santos Montoya

Christian Santos Montoya Angel Everado Montoya Teresa Lynn McGee aka: Teresa Easterday  [ RUSSELLVILLE, Al.- Russellville Police have issued a missing child alert for two missing children.  Angel Everado Montoya and his brother, Christian Santos Montoya, were taken by their babysitter, Teresa Lynn McGee aka: Teresa Easterday on Friday March 11th.   She may be enroute to Indianapolis, Indiana in an unknown vehicle and possibly with a male friend, Enrique Jimenez. Ms. McGee has active kidnapping warrants issued by Russellville Police Department. If anyone comes in contact with Ms. McGee or the children, please contact the Russellville Police Department, Lt. Scotty Lowery at 256-332-2230]  Article on the boys. We need to find them. TY WAAY tv for the report posted here.

William Ebenezer Jones III AKA Billy

age progression Billy age 3 Billy was taken from his yard by an unknown abductor who gave his 2 year old sister a plastic Poinsettia plant. Billy was only 3 on Dec. 17,1962 when his was taken from Vineland,NJ. He has a very distinguishing mark; a vaccination scar in the shape of a giraffe on the outside of his left arm. How cute!  His mom bought Christmas presents every year in the hopes that someday he would be home again. IMO he may have been raised by his abductor and may therefor still be alive and have no idea what happened to him.

Kenneth Warren Hager

Kenneth vanished from his Baltimore,MD neighborhood on April 9,1947 (my dad's 3rd birthday). He was unable to speak and had epilepsy. He was just 11. When he was 9 he disappeared for a few hours. Police found him with cigarette burns all over his arm. He was only able to say a "bad Boy" did it. Maybe this "bad boy" took him again.  People still care for and miss the now 76 year old man. Where is this boy/man who's nerves were shattered by a fire cracker changing his life forever? Here is a link to a message board thread for Kenneth.

2 black children found in luggage in FL canal

The girl was appox. 6-10 years old. The boy was 10-12 years old. Tomorrow autopsies will be done on both children. They are black and were found in a Canal between Delray Beach and Boca Raton,FL. Their cases are believed to be related. These kids could be relatives as well. I hope DNA is done on them to find out. This case unbelievably heart wrenching. The case was spotlighted on Nancy Grace tonight. WE need to ID these kids and let their loved ones put them to a proper rest unless they did this to them. There is precious little else on this case right now. If sketches become available  I will post them here.

Jessie Bender found safe

Jessie's uncle hid her in an apple Valley,CA hotel room to protect her from a feared arranged marriage in Pakistan where her family is planning to go for two months. Her step dad is Pakistani. Jessie and her siblings are in protective custody right now thank God. She was found Today,Wednesday,March 2,2011.

Jessie Bender

Jessie is a 13 year old girl lured out of her  Hesperia, CA  home by an online predator at 1:47AM on Feb. 22,2011. She is believed to be with this man in Chicago,IL. Jessie needs her epilepsy meds which she dose not have with her. Police are trying to locate this child. I also hope this man goes to prison for a very loooong time.  Jessie is 5-feet 2-inches and 120 pounds with green eyes and brown shoulder-length hair.