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Mohs Surgery

Mohs is a surgery devised by Dr.Frederic E. Mohs (1910-2002)  in 1936 at the University of Wisconsin to remove skin cancers in situ (in place). This can be a needlessly cruel surgery as they use local with you wide awake and go deeper than local can go. So, it hurts. Not to mention all the needles over and over. In my case I advocated for myself and got heavily sedated during my procedure. My friend did not and he was in a lot of pain. We both at least got our wounds closed. Many in my support group had to go days with gaping wounds before they were closed. That is just cruel and wrong. The general public needs to know about this procedure. This is NOT 1936 anymore. We have the ability to do it without pain and nerves. We also have the ability to close wounds before people leave the hospital. That part to me is inexcusable.This surgery is done in layers.They look at all the margins of each layer and decide if they need to take more or not. In some places you leave the procedure room between layers being taken with an open wound. That's just wrong IMO. We know WAY to much about infection for that to happen in 2010. Also this should be done in a sterile environment like hmmm an OR. Please look at more about this procedure which definitely should NOT be
 used for DFSP. Though it is called a "skin" cancer is is actually a sarcoma. Mohs discription  


  1. Hi

    Just saw your last comment on MOHs. In the Hospital I went to they did close the wound the same day and they did the histology afterwards. I was given the results 2 weeks later after they had tested all of the tissue. I know this may not be the general case but this was my experience. My late father was a dermatologist so it was ironic I got skin cancer one yr after he died and I couldn't ask him. It did however allow me to get a number of opinions from various Drs and in some cases MOHS can be a very suitable treatment for DFSP. It really should be looked at on an individual bases and I don't think we should generalize.

  2. That is a fair assessment. It is for some. I still believe that it should be done with sedation not hours of needles. My opinion.


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