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Late 1970's so called "Babysitter Killer" murders solved?

1970's mugshot of Busch

Jill Robinson

Mark Stebbins

Kristine Mihelich
Timothy King
The murders of 4 children in Oakland County,MI who were carefully cleaned and had their clothes washed dried and ironed got their killer dubbed "The Babysitter Killer". Now thanks to the father of one of the victims we now know who more than likely killed them and maybe more. The first victim was Mark Stebbins,12 from Ferndale,MI Feb. 13,1976.His body was found in a parking lot 6 days later. The next victim was Jill Robinson,12 taken from Royal Oak on Dec 12,1976. Her body was found in Troy. The 3rd victim was Kristine Mihelich,10 who was taken from Berkley on Jan. 2,1977. The last victim was Timothy King 11 taken March 11,1977 from Birmingham. His body was found in a ditch near Livonia. It was his father that learned the identity of the killer through a freedom of information lawsuit out of which he recived the case files. It is clear from those files that a local pedophile named Christopher Busch was the killer of these 4 children and maybe more. He also was convicted on 4 occasion of molestation. He came from a well to do family who paid his way out of trouble. He failed a polygraph test about the murders in 1978 and soon after shot himself to death. The murders then stopped. The county wants to charge Timmy's father $11,000 for the case file. The court will have something to say about that. The living siblings of the alleged killer have said they will give DNA samples if they can have witness protection!? WTH! MOO. I pray that that family's DNA will bring closure for the families of the victims. Thank you Mr. Barry King for your tireless search for the truth about what happened to your beloved son and 3 other children.


  1. That's Greene in the mug shot, not Busch.

  2. A new book has emerged. A Portrait in Snow. M.F. Cribari
    ISBN10-: 1432768026
    The book takes you from Lawson in the 1960's, into the Cass, the Church, Moore's place, out to Pontiac, to Fox Island, to Busch, to the possible killer.
    No one is thinking about the right type of suspects ? Who would he be ? It's not Busch guys, that wasn't his thing.
    The killer was most likely a Fox Island customer who wanted something special and they said no. In fact, they killed him to stop LE from being all over their asses.
    Think -- Busch didn't draw, so where did the drawing of Mark come from that was found on the wall ??? It was no suicide......Busch was starting to talk. They shut him up. Read the book....You will never be closer to the truth than that book. They just need to compare DNA now. But, will MSP do it ?

  3. I need to post on the websluth board, but I just joined....I was the one posting in the Detroit Topix, under flipover, looking for more victims.
    I see someone posted about it ?
    This case seems to be solved.
    Proof is in the works.
    It wasn't Busch, friends....think about it ?
    It's not his m.o. He never took girls. Most of them didn't. Very, very few did. The boys were horribly abused before they died. Busch didn't draw the picture of Mark found at his "suicide". He didn't draw....It wasn't a man from the Cass, though those kids need to be spoken for too. This was one man who killed these four babies. The truth is now getting out there. The King's now know. I think they're just waiting......a bit. I know.
    A few now know. It's the truth friends.
    Pray for peace, pray for the truth to be proved....

  4. You sound like you know an awful lot....interesting.

  5. Are You sure that is Busch in the mugshot?


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