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Etan Patz case update

Etan's case has been reopened by the new DA in Manhattan. He vanished on his way to the bus stop in May 1979 at age 6. A man named Jose Ramos was found responsible for Etan kidnapping and murder in a civil court. He once dated a woman hired to walk Etan to school during a bus strike earlier in the school year. The was the first time he had walked to the stop on his own. Ramos will be released from jail in November 2012 if they cannot charge him with Etan's murder. That would be easier if they could find Etan's remains which   have never been located. His parents still live in the same home in Soho they lived in in 1979 when Etan was taken from them.  /

                                                                   *** COMMENTARY***

Ramos is a convicted child sexual predator. He has raped at least 2 little boys.  He has at various times admitted and denied killing Etan. We cannot let this monster go free to harm anymore of our children. Police must find the evidence to keep him locked up for good. JMO


  1. This Ramos guy molested a boy in Youngsville Pa about 10 min from Warren at the time he was traveling with a hippie commune called Rainbow People they come to the Alleghany National forest every so many years within Warren County. I am wondering if at the time Etan was abducted if he had been with them before that and just happened to end up in NY, this commune travels all over the United States and people come from every state with them. I believe that Etan was taken by Ramos and its possible that Etan did refuse Ramos's advances and then Ramos became angry and killed him, did the investigators ever search the girlfriends apartment building like in the basement? Just curious, not a whole lot of information on the investigation itself, but I wonder if they asked Ramos where he had been that day after Etan had went missing? Sometimes a lying murderer tells a bit of the truth in what he is saying if he said subway then perhaps he did but never put him on one but he may be buried near one. I cant imagine that he would do this in the day time without someone saying that they saw him? Lots of possibilities and so frustrating.

  2. It's not exactly accurate to say he was traveling with them. He showed up a couple times and was forced out due to his suspicious interest in children. They reported the guy to the police and he was arrested but let go after the police didn't Mirandize him.

  3. Thank you for correcting me on that.
    It's not that far fetched to think that the guy had taken this path before and got away with it so he may have felt comfortable and thought he could get away with it again, the people that turned him in for his weird interest towards kids in recent years were not the same people back in the 70's it is possible that he was just thought of as a friendly guy who liked kids. The suspicion was not as prevalent as it is now, there wasn't as much finger pointing. All I am saying is that it may be something that should be looked at. It's not the fault of anybody but Ramos for what he has done through the years.


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