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Andrei Chikatilo

Above are a picture of Chikatilo and several of his victims.

Chikatilo was a mild mannered married father and school teacher with a dark side. He was a child rapist serial killer. He used his position of trust to lure his victims. He confessed to 56 murders,but their were likely more.Here is a list of known victims courtesy of Wikipedia: List of victims[edit]
Number[160] Name[161] Sex Age Date of Murder Notes
1 Yelena Zakotnova F 9 22 December 1978 Chikatilo's first victim. Accosted by Chikatilo while walking home from an ice-skating rink.
2 Larisa Tkachenko F 17 3 September 1981 Approached by Chikatilo while waiting for a bus back to her boarding school.[162]
3 Lyubov Biryuk F 13 12 June 1982 Biryuk was abducted while returning from a shopping trip in the village of Donskoi.[163]
4 Lyubov Volobuyeva F 14 25 July 1982 Killed in an orchard near Krasnodar Airport.[141] Her body was found 7 August.
5 Oleg Pozhidayev M 9 13 August 1982 Chikatilo's first male victim. Pozhidayev was killed in Adygea. His body was never found.[53]
6 Olga Kuprina F 16 16 August 1982 Killed in Kazachi Lagerya. Her body was found 27 October.[164]
7 Irina Karabelnikova F 19 8 September 1982 Lured away from Shakhty station by Chikatilo. Her body was found 20 September.
8 Sergey Kuzmin M 15 15 September 1982 A runaway from a boarding school. Kuzmin's body was found at Shakhty station in January 1983.
9 Olga Stalmachenok F 10 11 December 1982 Lured off a bus while riding home from her piano lessons in Novoshakhtinsk.[165]
10 Laura Sarkisyan F 15 After 18 June 1983 Killed in woodland near an unmarked railway platform close to Shakhty. Chikatilo was cleared of this murder at his trial.[166]
11 Irina Dunenkova F 13 July 1983 Dunenkova's body was found in Aviators' Park, Rostov, on 8 August 1983.[63]
12 Lyudmila Kutsyuba F 24 July 1983 Killed in woodland near a Shakhty bus station. Her body was found 12 March 1984.[167]
13 Igor Gudkov M 7 9 August 1983 Chikatilo's youngest victim. He was killed in Aviators' Park, Rostov. Gudkov was the first male victim linked to the manhunt.
14 Unknown woman F 18–25 July–August 1983[168] Chikatilo claimed he encountered this victim while she tried to find a "man (client) with a car."
15 Valentina Chuchulina F 22 After 19 September 1983 Chuchulina's body was found on 27 November 1983 in a wooded area near Kirpichnaya station.[169]
16 Vera Shevkun F 19 27 October 1983 Killed in a mining village near Shakhty. Her body was found on 30 October.[170]
17 Sergey Markov M 14 27 December 1983 Disappeared while returning home from work experience. His body was found on 4 January 1984.
18 Natalya Shalapinina F 17 9 January 1984 Killed in Aviators' Park, Rostov. Shalapinina had been a close friend of Olga Kuprina, killed by Chikatilo in 1982.
19 Marta Ryabenko F 45 21 February 1984 Chikatilo's oldest victim. She was killed in Aviators' Park, Rostov.
20 Dmitriy Ptashnikov M 10 24 March 1984 Lured from a stamp kiosk in Novoshakhtinsk by Chikatilo, who pretended to be a fellow collector.[59]
21 Tatyana Petrosyan F 32 25 May 1984 Murdered together with her daughter outside Shakhty. She had known Chikatilo since 1978.[171]
22 Svetlana Petrosyan F 11 25 May 1984 Svetlana saw Chikatilo murder her mother before he chased her and killed her with a hammer.
23 Yelena Bakulina F 22 22 June 1984 Bakulina's body was found on 27 August in the Bagasenski region of Rostov.[172]
24 Dmitriy Illarionov M 13 10 July 1984 Vanished in Rostov while on his way to get a health certificate for summer camp.[81]
25 Anna Lemesheva F 19 19 July 1984 A student who disappeared on her way to visit a dentist. She was killed in Shakhty.
26 Svetlana Tsana F 20 July 1984 Originally from Riga. Her body was found on 9 September 1984 in Aviators' Park, Rostov.[172]
27 Natalya Golosovskaya F 16 2 August 1984 Vanished on a visit to Novoshakhtinsk, where she was to visit her sister. She was killed in Aviators' Park, Rostov.[173]
28 Lyudmila Alekseyeva F 17 7 August 1984 A student lured from a bus stop by Chikatilo, who offered to direct her to Rostov's bus terminal.[174]
29 Unknown woman F 20–25 8–11 August 1984 Killed in Tashkent by Chikatilo while on a business trip to the Uzbek SSR.
30 Akmaral Seydaliyeva F 12 13 August 1984 A runaway from Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, also killed by Chikatilo in Tashkent.[133]
31 Aleksandr Chepel M 11 28 August 1984 Killed on the banks of the Don River, near where Alekseyeva had been killed.[81]
32 Irina Luchinskaya F 24 6 September 1984 A Rostov librarian, killed by Chikatilo in Aviators' Park, Rostov.[175]
33 Natalya Pokhlistova F 18 31 July 1985 Lured off a train by Chikatilo near Domodedovo Airport, Moscow Oblast. Her body was found on 3 August.[176]
34 Irina Gulyayeva F 18 27 August 1985 Killed in a grove of trees near Shakhty bus station. Her body was found the following day.[177]
35 Oleg Makarenkov M 13 16 May 1987 Killed in Revda, Sverdlovsk Oblast. Chikatilo led police to Makarenkov's remains after his arrest.[178]
36 Ivan Bilovetskiy M 12 29 July 1987 Killed in woodland alongside a rail line in the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia. His body was found by his own father on 30 July.[179]
37 Yuri Tereshonok M 16 15 September 1987 Lured off a train in Leningrad. Chikatilo led police to his remains after his arrest.[180]
38 Unknown woman F 18–25 1–4 April 1988 Killed near Krasny Sulin station. Her body was found on 6 April.[181]
39 Aleksey Voronko M 9 15 May 1988 Voronko was killed near a station in the Ukrainian city of Ilovaisk; on the Rostov–Ukraine rail route.[182]
40 Yevgeniy Muratov M 15 14 July 1988 The first victim killed near Rostov since 1985. Muratov's body was found on 10 April 1989.[183]
41 Tatyana Ryzhova F 16 8 March 1989 A runaway from Krasny Sulin, she was killed in Chikatilo's own daughter's apartment.
42 Aleksandr Dyakonov M 8 11 May 1989 Killed in Rostov city centre the day after his 8th birthday. His body was found on 14 July.[177]
43 Aleksey Moiseyev M 10 20 June 1989 Killed in Vladimir Oblast, east of Moscow. Chikatilo confessed to this murder after his arrest.[184]
44 Helena Varga F 19 19 August 1989 A student from Hungary who had a child. She was lured off a bus and killed in a village near Rostov.[185]
45 Aleksey Khobotov M 10 28 August 1989 Vanished from outside a theater in Shakhty. Chikatilo led police to his remains after his arrest.
46 Andrey Kravchenko M 11 14 January 1990 Lured from a cinema by Chikatilo. He was in killed in Shakhty. Kravchenko's body was found on 19 February.[186]
47 Yaroslav Makarov M 10 7 March 1990 Lured from a Rostov station by Chikatilo. He was killed in Rostov Botanical Gardens.[187]
48 Lyubov Zuyeva F 31 4 April 1990 Lured off a train near the Donleskhoz station near Shakhty. Her body was found on 24 August.
49 Viktor Petrov M 13 28 July 1990 Killed in Rostov Botanical Gardens, a few yards from where Makarov had been murdered.[188]
50 Ivan Fomin M 11 14 August 1990 Killed at Novocherkassk municipal beach. His body was found on 17 August.[189]
51 Vadim Gromov M 16 17 October 1990 A mentally handicapped student from Shakhty. Gromov vanished while riding the train to Taganrog.[190]
52 Viktor Tishchenko M 16 30 October 1990 Killed in Shakhty. Tishchenko fought hard for his life; he was the victim who bit and broke Chikatilo's finger.
53 Svetlana Korostik F 22 6 November 1990 Chikatilo's last victim. Her body was found 13 November in woodland near Donleskhoz station.

His killing spree lasted from 1978 until his arrest in Nov. 1990 although his sexual crimes date back to at least 1973 with no action taken by the school. He was executed by gunshot behind the right ear on Feb. 14,1994. There is no telling how many innocent Ukrainian boys and girls were lured by the killer teach later called the "Rostov Ripper" for the town he terrorized for more than 2 decades. He was a devout communist and was very vocal about his displeasure over it's fall in the early 1990'


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