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Aja Johnson and Lester Hobbs found dead

Aja who was abducted in Jan. by her estranged stepfather after her murdered her mother. See Aja Johnson :Amber Alert post:
Here is clip from a Michelle Sigona article: " The vehicle Hobbs was driving was found in a very rural area, off Southeast 108 Street and Highway 9.  Templeton says a surveyor was doing a survey of property in the area when he spotted the vehicle.  He went up to the car, saw the bodies, and called police. 

A law enforcement source on the ground told me because of the decomposition that Hobbs and Aja most likely died about a week after the initial murder of Tonya Hobbs in January. “He got in that area, probably to lay low for a few days, got in there with the storm and maybe got trapped.  One thing led to another, couldn’t get the vehicle out, and would have to walk out on foot… he chose to stay.”  My source says Aja’s body was found outside the vehicle and Hobbs was found inside the car.  At this point, it appears to be a murder-suicide.  Hobbs’ body wasn’t as badly decomposed because he wasn’t exposed to the elements.  We are still waiting for the Medical Examiner to confirm the bodies and how they died. "  I am very saddened to have to report this to you all. I always hope for the best ,but, I'm not so good at preparing for the worst.


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